Cave Johnson is doing the big con – Gameverse

Evil is Back! Good bye life….

No words… just watch the trailer and I’ll try to come up with something better after I’ve watched this video a couple (or a thousand) more times

Skyrim DLC Announcement of an Announcement?


Serious, stop messing with us Bethesda! You think you are being fun and coy, but saying things like “working on getting a little more info out on Skyrim / DLC.” As for a timetable, Hines said…

Reset Trailer

Batman Arkham City Game of the Year plus new DLC

Subway War

Here at Gameverse, we aren’t just into video games; we are also into awesome old men who secretly dream about becoming a Sith Lord to destroy a subway train because no one will give them a…

First Full Trailer for Crysis 3

Diablo III Open Beta – Day 2

Diablo IIIScreenSnapz001

The open beta for Diablo III has not been without issues since it went live, but when you can get into the beta, it is a lot of fun! Are you playing the beta right now?…

Diablo III Open Beta Starts Today


The Diablo III beta has been a source of joy for many and anguish for the people that have yet to participate. But that all changes for this weekend as everyone will get a chance to…

Crysis 3 – Debut Teaser

There may not be much to the 8 second trailer, but it already has me drooling for more… Mmm, composite bow….