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Gameverse | February 16, 2019

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First Details and Gameplay Trailer for Armored Kill DLC

xst jimmy

Do you have Battlefield Premium yet? After seeing the gameplay trailer to the newest DLC for Battlefield 3 you will definitely want to purchase it! I’ve personally been on the fence about purchasing premium, but after seeing the trailer and reading the detail, I’ll be upgrading my account tonight! What are these glorious details?

    Four New Maps (including Bandar Desert which is claimed to be the biggest map in Battlefield history!)
    New Vehicles (new tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery and my favorite–an AC130)
    20+ New Unlocks for the Vehicles
    New Game Mode called Tank Superiority which is described as “tank pilots and infantry using “all their skills to control key points of the maps.”

All of this hits PC and Consoles in September! Drooling…

  • xstcaboose

    This is crazy I am soo excited for bigger vehicle based maps! Also really excited for that AC-130, wonder if you can actually fly it because if you can, gun use it like a fighter jet!