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Gameverse | April 1, 2023

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Posts By Ben Pope

Developer Spotlight: An Interview With Chris Park From Arcen Games

July 16, 2015 |

I’ve always found developer interviews to be rather fascinating. A good developer interview can give us a better understanding of just what goes into the creation of the games we all enjoy. My first and only interview thus far was … Read More

Völgarr the Viking – Are you up to this Retro Style Challenge?

November 12, 2014 |

For this preview, I am discussing Völgarr the Viking, a game by Crazy Viking Studios. The game was released on Steam for PC in 2013 and has received numerous awards by different rating sites and game sources, including IGM Game … Read More

Indie Games Festival – What You Need to Know

November 2, 2014 |

So, by now most people are aware that independent film festivals exist and movies are being promoted by individuals and accepted as a major area of interest outside of major production houses. This is also the case with video games. … Read More