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Xbox employees get white Xbox One design, jealous?


Microsoft employees were given a special white edition of the Xbox One, a limited edition design apparently reserved only those working on the Xbox One product launch. An employee has posted quite a few photos of the white Xbox One, but clarifies he had nothing to do with the design. If you look closely, you’ll see an “I MADE THIS” label on the front of the box, underscored by “Launch Team 2013.” The white design is much slicker than one might have expected, and the white case is nicely incorporated with some of the Xbox One’s black elements such as the disc tray and side grill. The Xbox One Controller also looks really nice with the outer grip in flat white finish. Needless to say, we’re pretty jealous. But if you’re truly in love you might be able to pick a white Xbox One on eBay, currently listed for about $1900 by sellers who somehow acquired the limited edition.



Jeff Chabot

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