• Byuts-McGee-GameverseTrenton Anderson
    Trenton Anderson is a writer for Gameverse and student at the University of Advancing Technology. A sport Shooter, Fencer, and mediocre Voice Actor, he has been striving toward entering the Game Industry since he started playing Ultima Online as a child. When not writing or pretending to write he often plays RPGs and Strategy Games.
  • T.L. BodineT.L. Bodine
    T.L. Bodine is a freelance writer and author of speculative fiction as well as an urban homesteader and real food enthusiast. She blogs about sustainability, living on a budget and related social causes at Lean Times; she also publishes novels and non-fiction. You can find out more about T.L. on her Blogspot page.
  • Matthew ByrdMatthew Byrd
    Matthew Byrd covers the gaming industry including indies, consoles, PCs, iOS and Android apps, as well as topics related to entertainment and technology. He’s recently written about titles like Pokemon, Death Stranding, Rage 2, F-Zero and Google Stadia, as well as ranked every PlayStation device, called out the most underated recent games, and listed Call of Duty’s Most Controversial Moments. As well as Gameverse, you can find Matthew writing for DenOfeek.
  • Danny ForsterDanny Forster
    A Star Wars and anime fan for life, Danny Forster is driven by a well-told story and food. As a former classically trained musician, Danny enjoys anything from mainstream to the slightly bizarre. Top favorites of all time include Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Clerks, AoT, Reservoir Dogs, Steins;Gate, GoT, Watchmen, and Spaceballs. “May the Schwartz be with You.” Find Danny on Twitter and Instagram @Dannyspacecoast.
  • Jordan M. HappachJordan M. Happach
    Growing up around the world, Jordan has gained a unique perspective which he brings to his writing. He hopes to see games evolve into a medium know for it’s long lasting experiences which thoughtfully challenge peoples perceptions of the world. You can read more of his work right here on Gameverse.
  • Sam-Jordan-GameverseSam Jordan
    Sam Jordan is a writer, editor, comedian, and sassmaster. When he’s not reorganizing his Blu-ray collection, getting schooled by precocious teens on Xbox Live, or wondering why why the hell people buy those oversized turkey legs at Disney World, you can find him putting his pride on the line at Zug.com and HD Report.
  • Patrick-McDowell-GameversePatrick McDowell
    Patrick McDowell is an avid gamer and a game design student with the University of Advancing Technology. Patrick’s favorite aspect of game development is the balanced blend of artistry and technical specifications that go into creating a great gaming experience. He loves rpgs and pretty much any game where there is some form of character development. As a contributing writer and game reviewer for GameVerse, Patrick gets to do something that he has spent his whole life doing… playing games and telling people about them!
  • Zebulon-Rogers-GameverseZebulon Rogers
    Zebulon Rogers is a game designer who was raised in Silver Bay, MN, where a rugged land devoid of fun and opportunity forced his imagination to make his own fun. A gamer since age three and a writer since age 6, he grew up with a special affinity for games that offered a fantastic story and a great musical score to accompany it. Having a great passion for storytelling and what makes it work so well, Zebulon enjoys giving special focus to the artistic side of games that draws us emotionally into their world. Although he enjoys all manner of games, his favorites are RPGs (computer and tabletop), Adventure titles, and Turn-based Strategy, not to mention games which attempt a hybrid genre. When not gaming he enjoys reading, guitar making, camping, fighting, weightlifting, and will soon be making a foray as a newly minted bodyguard…just as soon as he gets a few more levels under his belt.
  • Zachary-Snader2-GameverseZachary Snader
    Zachary Snader is a not a typical member of the industry. Games have always been a part of his life ever since playing Super Mario Bros. on the SNES, but he never saw them as anything more than a hobby. After a few years at Arizona State where he was a part of fraternity life, however, he knew that he needed a change. Zach dropped everything and began studying game design while also taking part in community outreach through social media outlets and around his new campus, UAT. While writing is but one of his many hobbies, he sees it as a great way to take part in the gaming community. When he is not working, Zach likes to art around, play football, travel, and try pretty much anything else, really. Also, he still likes to play video games.
  • Frank StrevaFrank Streva
    Frank Streva is an aspiring game designer who attended UAT. He is currently writing for Gameverse in the hope that he can spread the word about more obscure, unique games that may have fallen under most people’s radar. He mostly enjoys RPGs, strategy games, and shooters, but is up to trying almost anything. Frank’s other big hobby is tabletop gaming and has amassed more Warmachine/Hordes and Malifaux miniatures than he knows what to do with.
  • Jesse Tannous
    Jesse is a reporter first who just happens to love video games and enjoys writing video game related articles and interviewing industry professionals. You can also find him on IndieGameSource, where he served as Editor-in-Chief.

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