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Plague Inc. Review

A minor cough; it was the only symptom. By the time they started to notice, 30% of the world had already been infected and that’s only the beginning. It started to spread at a rapid rate, infecting millions. Many countries had closed off their borders, but it was too late. The virus went global and had started to kill. It wasn’t long before humanity started developing a cure, but it only became more resistant. It had spread too quickly unnoticed, infecting everyone. Countries began to break down as the streets piled up with bodies. Soon after, there was no one left…

There are many games that put you as the hero that saves the world. Plague Inc. is the opposite. The goal is simple: Kill off humanity. You start off as a bacteria or virus that starts to spread around the world. As more people become infected you begin to evolve into a more infectious and deadly disease.

Sooner or later the world will catch onto you and start developing a cure. They’ll try slowing you down by closing down their airports, shipping lanes and even their boarders. You can slow down their development of a cure in a few ways. The riskier route would be to develop more deadly properties so the countries that are working on the cure become barren wastelands. A more subtle approach would have you developing drug resistances to slow down the cure.

Plague Inc. is all about strategy and your approach to creating a worldwide pandemic. You want to spread around the world quickly but not so fast as to get noticed and you want your disease to kill everyone but not so fast that an infected person dies before spreading it to others. Once you start unlocking other types of diseases such as virus or fungal infections your strategy changes as well. Fungal infections for instance, have a hard time spreading long distances and you must rely on spore bursts to spread throughout the region.

A good portion of the fun is naming your disease. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting or interesting, but when you get updates like “Stupidity has gone global” you can’t help but smile. There are also a lot of fun achievements such as ‘Oops’ where you combine diarrhea with sneezing. Overall the game is fun to play and is a great way to kill time and humanity. Can you craft a plague that wipes out civilization? Try now by downloading Plague Inc. via Google Play or Apple’s AppStore.