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Gameverse | March 30, 2023

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Google Launches Preview of Interactive Canvas Allowing Simple Games

Jeff Chabot

Canvas game on Smart DisplayGoogle launched a developer preview of Interactive Canvas that allows for the creation of full-screen experiences with visual, touch and voice interaction. Canvas uses HTML, CSS and Javascript and with those web technologies developers can create simple games for Smart Displays and Android phones. In addition to gaming applications, Google says they will be adding more categories soon.

With Canvas, Developers can create full-screen visuals, custom animations and transitions, custom layouts and GUIs data visualization, and video playback (although right now video is not fully supported may play in Canvas).

“The Canvas is a framework built on the Google Assistant that allows developers to add a visual, immersive experience to conversational Actions. This visual layer is an interactive web app that is sent as a response to the user in conversation.”

Source: Google Blog