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Google Looking to Buy Twitch


Google is considering yet another acquisition, the online live-streaming video gaming site Twitch. Unconfirmed reports around the web set the price of Twitch at $1 billion, in what could be an all cash deal. However, The Wall Street Journal plays down the reports saying the two companies are only in talks, and that Twitch may be looking to raise additional funding from investors.

During the week of April 7, Twitch accounted for 44% of live-streaming traffic in the US, according to a report by Qwilt.

Google has apparently been eyeing Twitch for a while now, as the video service has created its own niche within the live-streaming industry. In February, Twitch claimed over 45 million unique visitors per month. And, last year Twitch announced integration into PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Google has previously invested in the YouTube channel Machinima. Google’s own live-streaming video game site, Let’s Play, was introduced at the 2013 Game Developers Conference.

Jeff Chabot

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