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Publisher Versus Evil Promotes New Indie Game

Guild of DungeoneeringIndependent games publisher Versus Evil announced a new partnership with Dublin based studio Gambrinous to help promote and manage their newest project, Guild of Dungeoneering. Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil, explained in a January 21st press released, “From the moment the team at Versus Evil saw Guild of Dungeoneering we knew this is something that we just had to get behind and help publish.”

The turn-based dungeon crawler puts a few unique twists on the genre’s well known conventions. Players design the dungeon while their AI controlled heroes forge their own course. Using the Guild Deck players lay down rooms, monsters, traps, and loot for their heroes to stumble across. Harder monsters mean better loot, and placing nothing but weak monsters means players will start to increase the Dread Meter which is when really bad things can start to happen to your heroes.

Outside of the dungeons, players manage their Guild by building new rooms to attract heroes and boost the effectiveness of the Guild Deck. Gambrinous’ sketched on paper graphics style and humorous character design gives the game a light-hearted comedic feel.

In the press release the studio’s Founder Colm Larkin stated, “I am very pleased and excited to be working with Versus Evil on the launch of Guild of Dungeoneering,” and continued, “After all our hard work going through Steam Greenlight and making it onto Steam, it’s great to know that our first commercial game is in such safe hands with Versus Evil.”

Guild of Dungeoneering is scheduled for release in May of this year to PC and Mac via Steam with a tablet release to follow soon after.