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Kingdom Creator Finds Unexpected Funding For Further Development

Dutch game developer Thomas van den Berg, creator of the one man studio noio, recently spoke about his game project Kingdom and how an unexpected source of funding may help him to create a better experience for fans of his game.

Kingdom was released last year by Van den Berg as a browser game using pixel art. Van den Berg explained his original game and its unique concept of how players took the role of a wandering king on horseback winning peasants and soldiers to his cause by throwing gold at them. From there, players build defenses and fight off enemies that would spawn each night. Van den Berg states in his Kickstarter trailer that, “Kingdom was a cool little game,” and expanded his assertion by saying, “It had a lot of nice things and the reason I want to build a part 2 for the game is because it could be so much better than it is now.”

Originally, Van den Berg took to crowd funding site Kickstarter to try and gather the necessary funds in order to make the improvements to Kingdom. However, Van den Berg recently received the Nordic Game Program Grant allotment of 200,000 Danish Krone (DKK) which roughly converts to $36,000 in U.S. currency and Van den Berg explains, “This is really good news for us; because we were at a point where we needed some immediate funding to continue working on the game,” and went on to say, “Now we have some breathing space and we can evaluate whether we want to do a cross-platform of the game from start.”

With the new funds Van den Berg, Marco Bancale, and musical director known as PEZ, plan on expanding the game with new content and port it to IOS and beyond. The allotment awarded to the indie studio amounts to about three times as much as they were asking for from the Kickstarter which prompted them to cancel Kickstarter and immediately begin work on further development.

Despite all of Kingdom’s successes Van den Berg remains humble in his response regarding the Indie industry and says, “I don’t feel like I have ‘broken into the industry’ myself, but I’m working super hard to get there.”

With the sudden influx of funds granted to the small development team fans of the game and new players will likely get to see Van den Berg’s bigger vision of Kingdom unfold a bit sooner than expected.

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