Lost Orbit Preview

Lost Orbit offers a new twist on the top-down shoot-em-up by crafting a game that is equal parts relaxing and restricting. Players take control of a lonely man named Harrison, an astronaut who has found himself stranded in the deep reaches of space. Armed with only his wits and determination, Harrison must traverse through four distinct solar systems in order to return home. As Harrison zooms along the screen, players must attempt to avoid all sorts of space-related obstacles. It is important to note that Harrison is not equipped with any sort of offensive weaponry, but relies on the player’s ability to skillfully dodge debris.

The mechanics of the game are softened by its art style. A limited color palette and bold toon shading make it easy to see where you are in the hectic cluster of debris. The music is an eerily hypnotic synth track that fluctuates based on player actions. The aesthetics combine with the mechanics to create an almost zen-like experience. Developer PixelNAUTS promises 40 different levels, each filled to the brim with unique gameplay challenges that will surely keep this simple formula feeling fun and fresh. The release date is listed as summer 2014, but players can check the game’s Steam Greenlight page. With a fresh spin on a classic formula and a mesmerizing look, Lost Orbit is shaping up to be a great game.

Tyler Curran is someone who fondly remembers scribbling out notes about games back when he first learned to write. Who knew design documents scrawled in crayon would lead to him becoming a game design major?