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10 Video Games That Should Be Animated Series

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With the success of Netflix’s Castlevania and the upcoming adaptation of Cuphead, it seems that there’s more and more interest in animated adaptations of popular games. So far as we’re concerned, that’s a good thing.

Well, at least it is so long as the right games are adapted. That’s why we’ve combed the wide world of video games to find 10 titles perfect for the animated format.

Got a game that you can’t wait to see be adapted into the next great animated series? Let us know if the comments below.

Hollow Knight

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Hollow Knight is not only one of the most beautiful games in recent years, but it boats a compelling universe that is only hinted at via a cryptic storytelling system.

In other words, it’s the perfect fit for a slightly more mature animated series that takes a deeper look at the game’s universe. While we wouldn’t want this series to explain everything, there’s just so much compelling content in this game to draw from.

Hotline Miami

A bit of a stretch, but whoever said that animated series were for kids?

Hotline Miami‘s colorful, trippy world would be perfect for an Adult Swim-style series that follows a morally misguided protagonist in the neon-drenched world of ’80s Miami spiked with psychosis.


While it wasn’t as popular as Bastion and Transistor, SuperGiant’s Pyre represents some of the studio’s most fascinating work to-date.

Part post-apocalyptic adventure and part sports competition, Pyre‘s premise could easily result in a series that captures the spirit of ’80s cartoons with more modern dramatic overtones.

The Legend of Zelda

An obvious pick, but some things are obvious for a reason.

There have been talks about a modern animated Zelda series, but nothing has really come of them. While we understand the hurdles involved, the Zelda mythology is just too rich and too perfect for the animated medium for this project to forever remain a “What if?”


People have “theory-crafted” a Metroid animated series for years, but much like Zelda, nothing has really come of it as of yet.

Metroid‘s lore and style strike a perfect balance between cartoonish and dramatic. That seemingly makes it the ideal setting for a modern animated series that follows the adventures of Samus as she gradually understands the complicated web of evil at the heart of her universe.


Blizzard’s animated Overwatch shorts have been so good that fans are still begging for a proper animated series years after the game’s release.

Precedent aside, the value of an Overwatch animated series stems from the ways in which such a series could expand upon Overwatch‘s compelling – but underdeveloped – lore and characters.


While many seemingly dream of a live-action Fallout series, there’s really something to be said for an animated take on the popular franchise.

Not only would an animated series eliminate some of the practical boundaries of a live-action show, but it may better be able to capture the strange ’50s Americana style that runs throughout Fallout‘s post-apocalyptic nightmare.


True, Borderlands‘ over-the-top characters and cel-shaded art style make it an obvious candidate for an adaptation, but that’s not the full reason we’re listing the game here.

Actually, it was Telltale’s Tales From the Borderlands that tipped many people off to the potential of this concept. That series greatly expanded the mythology of the Borderlands franchise and showcased how many stories can be told in this universe.


Many of the entries on this list would theoretically use a more mature style, but this is an example of an animated game adaptation aimed primarily at children and pre-teens.

As the story of a luchador set to rid the world of evil, Guacamelee! was practically made to be an ’80s Saturday morning cartoon. While we’re far removed from that era, the potential of this concept remains as strong as ever.


Undertale became infamous not too long ago for its retro art style, amazing characters, and a sense of humor that can be only be described as bizarre.

Many of the best elements of Undertale would translate easily to an animated series, even if you’d have to find some excellent writers that could do the game’s humor justice.

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