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Age of Wonders III Expands Again with Eternal Lords

Age of Wonders III Eternal LordsAs I said in my glowing review of the title last April, Triumph’s Age of Wonders III is one of the best fantasy 4X games I’ve played in some time, and ended up being one of my favorite games of 2014. It received a pretty solid mini-expansion called Golden Realms in September that added a good chunk of content for its $12 price tag, and soon the game will get another, even meatier expansion called Eternal Lords.

The highlight of this new expansion pack is the introduction of the Necromancer class. A few of the powers this new class possesses include the ability to rebuild razed cities as undead necropolises, steal population from enemy cities and convert them into skeletal citizens at your nearest city, and command a legion of new undead units like the Bone Collector and Dread Reaper.

Eternal Lords will also include two new races that seem to be the focus of an all new single player campaign. The Frostlings are a race of icy humanoids from the far north that emphasize seafaring skills and excel at fighting in their native frozen wastelands. For the furry fans there are the sun-worshiping Tigrans, speedy felines with an affinity for shape changing magic.

Other new additions include specializations and bonuses depending on where you sit in the alignment system, random cataclysmic events that can wreak havoc on the world, a new racial governance system that ties into a new “Unifier” victory condition, and more. Triumph has also promised a play by email multiplayer component that will be released as a free patch sometime before the new expansion.

Eternal Lords is set to release on April 14th for $20.