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Ring Runner Updated With Dota-like Multiplayer Mode


The newest patch for indie space shooter Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages (Reviewed here) includes the promised MOBA-style multiplayer mode Space Defense League. Since it is bundled with a patch, this means that it is a free update for anyone who already owns the game. An explanation and some gameplay footage can be found here.

It looks like a really fun take on the Dota-like lane-pushers that everyone is throwing at us these days. The biggest difference between this and, say, League of Legends, is the fact that it is a space shooter with Newtonian physics and fully-customizable ships. So, instead of picking pre-determined heroes like in most of these games, you’ll be using ships that you’ve constructed with parts you acquired in the campaign or other multiplayer modes.

Ring Runner can be purchased for $10 from just about every digital distributor besides Steam, where it is still waiting to be Greenlit. If MOBA-like multiplayer isn’t your thing, the game also has a solid 20+ hour campaign to play through, as well as a number of more traditional multiplayer modes.