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“Not On Steam” Sale Is Exactly What It Sounds Like


Flippfly, developer of Race the Sun, has made no effort to hide just how poorly their game has done without that valuable Steam release. Race the Sun may have finally been Greenlit recently, but that hasn’t stopped the small indie team from trying to spread the word on just how damaging it can be to release your game without getting it on Steam first. To accomplish this, Flippfly got together with a small army of other indie developers in a hybrid sale/promotional campaign called the Not On Steam sale.

Most of these games are around 25-50% off and not a single one of them is on Steam yet. Nearly all of them are still waiting in Greenlight limbo and just haven’t received any attention due to their absence from Valve’s monolithic platform. To help push their Greenlight campaigns, most of these games will also include a free Steam key with your purchase, assuming the game gets on Steam. Some standouts I noticed include Race The Sun, Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, Tower of Guns, Full Bore, and Inescapable, but there’s dozens of other games to browse through. Remember to visit the Greenlight pages too so that these games can reach a wider audience by getting on Steam.

In addition to driving sales for games that slipped under everyone’s radar and getting a boost to their Greenlight campaigns, Flippfly also hopes to convince PC gamers that Steam isn’t the only place to buy games, and that many great games that never make it to Steam get released on a regular basis.