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Valve Announces First 10 Greenlight Games

Valve has announced the first 10 games to be successfully greenlit. And here they are:

  • Black Mesa – Enhanced remake of Half-Life 1 using the Source engine.
  • Cry of Fear – Singleplayer survival horror game using the Half-Life 1 engine.
  • Dream – Exploration/adventure game where you take on the role of a directionless graduate obsessed with dreams.
  • Heroes & Generals – F2P MMO FPS set in WW2 with a strategic mode.
  • Kenshi – Open-ended squad-based RPG. Currently in Alpha.
  • McPixel – A series of 20 second adventure game puzzle style minigames. The creator recently did a promotion with The Pirate Bay, but that’s over now.
  • No More Room In Hell – Cooperative first person horror with George Romero style zombies.
  • Project Zomboid – Zombie sandbox. Has had a remarkably troubled life so far.
  • Routine – First person survival horror ON THE MOON. Do want. Not nearly enough games are set on the Moon.
  • Towns – City building/time management dealie. The twist is that the city is located on top of an active monster dungeon.


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