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Name That Mob! Video Game Zombie Quiz.

We’re launching a new segment this week… “Name That Mob!” Here is a list of zombies from different video games where you can test your video game zombie knowledge! And yes, I do understand that there are certain “rage viruses” or “Infected” that differentiate from the normal zombie trope. However, for the fun of it, I figured I would keep them all under the “Undead Zombie” category. Once you think you can name all the correct zombies, scroll down to reveal the answers. Bonus points if you can name the video game!



After fermenting for about a year with a deadly fungus pumping through its system, this undead creature gains a massive amount of strength that the average human wouldn’t be able to handle. These blind creatures use a crude form of echolocation with various clicks and screeches from the mouth. One effective way to handle these beasts would be with a good old-fashioned Molotov cocktail.


This slow-moving creature dawns an awful brown coat and red tie appearance (no offense to anyone with this fashion sense). This monster does not stop moving until it fulfills its hunger for BRAINZ! There is nothing particularly special about this type of zombie as it does not take much to avoid it. You can use almost anything to destroy it ranging from Cabbages … to Pea pods?


If you ever hear a crying noise in the zombie apocalypse that means it’s time to leave. However, if you decide to venture on and investigate this alarming noise you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. This undead monster cries loudly and can be provoked by almost anything, even the light from a flashlight. If provoked, this creature will go into a frenzy and will stop at nothing until it destroys the poor soul that startled it. Best way to rid yourself of this creature? Just avoid it. Or use a shotgun, whichever you prefer.


Some monsters run while some monsters walk. This one crawls. Fully equipped with razor-sharp teeth and claws, this monstrosity will hang from ceilings as it awaits the right time to pounce. Even If you’re able to avoid the claws and teeth, there is still one thing that will surely end it all, the tongue. This creature uses a mutated retractable tongue that whips and pierces its prey. This skinless monster moves incredibly fast and breathes louder than a car exhaust in the middle of the night. Want to get rid of it? Aim for the head!


Typically when you hear a child crying your first instinct should be to calm it down, but not with this one. This child-like zombie will cry its eyes out until you startle it. If startled, this creature will produce a scream so loud that it briefly incapacitates you and alerts all nearby zombies of your specific location. If you would rather not have your health slowly drain as it screams bloody murder, I would recommend approaching slowly, and politely snapping its neck while you rock it back to sleep. Sweet dreams little one.


This kind of infected spends its time jumping for joy once it sees a human… Or should I say leaping for joy? With both legs fused together to create a scorpion-like tail, this infected hops, jumps, and leaps everywhere and anywhere to get its prey. Equipped with the ability to crawl, this creature will make sure to stalk out its prey through various vents and cracks in order to “Leap-scare” its targets. Always make sure to stay away from this creature’s spiky tail as it likes to whip and stab in the direction of anything living. Want to get rid of it? Slow it down by putting it into stasis which makes it easier to destroy.

Now scroll down to reveal the answers!

How many of the undead from each video game did you name correctly?

1-2 out of 6  —  Blood-curdling Beginner 

3-4 out of 6  —  Creaky Commoner

4-5 out of 6 —  Posessed Player

   6 out of 6  —  Ghastly Gamer

Thank you for playing Name That Mob! We look forward to your results!


Clicker zombie from the last of us
#1- Clicker/The Last Of Us (Image Credit: thelastofus.fandom)
PvZ Zombie
#2- Zombie/PvZ (Image Credit: plantsvszombies.fandom)
Witch from Left 4 Dead 2
#3- Witch/Left 4 Dead 2 (Image Credit: left4dead.fandom)
Licker from Resident Evi
#4- Licker/Resident Evil series (Image Credit: fanbyte)
Screamer from Dying Light
#5- Screamer/Dying Light (Image Credit: dyinglight.fandom)
Leaper from Dead Space 2
#6- Leaper/Dead Space 2 (Image Credit: deadspace.fandom)

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