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HBO Max Original Series The Last of Us Trailer Released

HBO has released its first full teaser for their upcoming live-action series The Last Of Us from creators Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (The Last of Us). The teaser lasts about a minute and a half, and introduces us to series actors Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller, Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams, and Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller.From the hectic opening of the Last Of Us to the relaxing horse riding, the teaser takes us through memory lane as it shows recognizable scenes from the first installment of The Last of Us series and even gives us a possible glance of the DLC The Last Of Us: Left Behind. A few notable characters that are also seen throughout the teaser are Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Nick Offerman as Bill, and Anna Torv as Tess. The end of the teaser finishes with the release date (sometime in 2023).HBO gave us a first look into The Last Of Us in August of 2022. However, the first look was met with mixed reactions that ranged from issues of the casting decisions to the delivery of dialogue. This time around, however, it seems that most of the reactions are positive as the nostalgia is starting to hit hard.Last Of Us is being co-written by Craig Mazin who is the creator of the award-winning miniseries CHERNOBYL, and Neil Druckmann who wrote and co-directed the original The Last of Us Video Game.What are you most excited to see in the TV series The Last Of Us?

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