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‘Gravity Ghost’ shoots for the stars

With all the crowding going on in the indie sector this year, it takes a special appeal to float above the pack to find success, but Chicago game developer Erin Robinson of Ivy Games looks to have the next big sensation on her hands with Gravity Ghost, a physics-based platformer reminiscent of Nintendo’s highly successful Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2.

Gravity Ghost 1

Soaring through the cosmos with ethereal grace.

In Gravity Ghost, you play the role of a ghost girl with strange terraforming powers who propels herself around a shattered galaxy using the gravity-fueled momentum of surrounding objects to save its remaining survivors. The game itself sports a no-fail gaming environment that lets the player simply enjoy the mechanics, going against the grain of common video game tropes that feature killing and destruction as the primary means of progressing through challenges.

Ring around the reindeer

Ring around the reindeer

What’s more, the game features an incredible hand-painted look that immediately evokes feelings of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting peppered with a wonderful dose of storybook imagery that makes it feel like you’re watching a cosmic holiday in space, all the while serenaded with an incredible soundtrack composed by FTL: Faster than Light’s Ben Prunty. With rave reviews coming in from a number of sources, Gravity Ghost is set to take indie gaming potential in a stunning new direction. No definitive release date yet, but you can preorder the game for $9.99 directly from www.gravityghost .com, which includes a free No-DRM gift copy when the game is released.

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