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GOG Announces New Indie Portal


Digital distributor may have earned the love and respect of gamers by selling DRM-free versions of classic PC games, patched to run on modern operating systems, but for about a year now they’ve been expanding their catalogue to include newer indie titles. GOG now sells nearly 100 indie games, some of which have been rejected by Steam and forced to go through Greenlight. Today, GOG announced a new indie portal that developers can use to help get their games on the site.

Unlike Steam’s Greenlight system, the GOG indie portal is not a community-based popularity contest. Instead, it is a new way for developers to contact GOG and discuss plans to sell their game on the site. GOG staff will review the game and decide if it is something that they feel the site’s customers would be interested in buying. If a game is rejected, GOG’s staff will explain exactly what they feel is wrong with the game.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is a new revenue system that will allow an indie developer working on an upcoming title to receive an upfront payment from GOG to help with development costs. In these cases, the finished game’s revenue on GOG will be split 60/40 until the dev pays off the advanced payment, at which point it will change to the 70/30 industry standard.