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Diablo III Day 1

Okay, so technically this is day 2 of Diablo, but I don’t count yesterday because the severs were completely destroyed and I was only able to play for 5 minutes. Thoughts from the first day with Diablo III though? It is amazing–my Demon Hunter is lvl 6 already and totally enjoying romping through the horde of undead at the moment. The combat is fast, fun and when you think you are about to get bored with it, a new enemy pops up and makes you try a different tactic. Oh, and the loot–OMG thank you for the loot Blizzard, I haven’t had a fix of this much random loot drops since well, Diablo II. Great stuff and honestly, it is enough of a motivation for me to keep playing. Story is just okay so far, but hopefully it will pick up soon.

So why did I just ramble on about Diablo III–well I’m review it of course for the 5 of you out there that isn’t already playing the game. Because of the size, scope and the annoying fact that you always have to have an internet connection (a rant on that will be incoming soon. BRACE YOURSELVES!) I’ll be giving it an update regularly and then a review score when I complete the game.