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Square Enix streaming free HD games

Square Enix has launched the free streaming game service CoreOnline with two older titles from it’s catalog: Hitman: Blood Money and Mini Ninjas. The titles can be played for free online, and in high-definition resolution. At a certain point though you’ll be asked to watch advertisement to gain more playing time. You can also pay a “fee” to play parts of the game. Why anyone would pay to play these back catalog titles is beyond me (heck you can buy the console version of ‘Blood Money’ for just a few bucks), but still the idea of not having to pop in a disc or have a console nearby is inviting. Interesting news though in light of the troubled OnLive cloud-gaming site. Oh, and did I mention CoreOnline promises to have Tomb Raider: Underworld soon? Check out the CoreOnline site now in beta mode.

Jeff Chabot

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