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Gameverse | March 31, 2023

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Australia Creates R 18+ Videogame Rating

Daniel Sacdpraseuth

The Australian government has finally created an 18+ rating for videogames. It’s about damn time. Here’s a summary of the new classification:


There are “virtually no restrictions” on themes.

Violence is allowed, but there can’t be too much. Sexual violence is still a no-no, but you can imply it if you can justify it to the ratings board.

Actual sex is still a no-go, but you can depict simulated sex so long as it’s not explicit and realistic.

There are “virtually no restrictions” on language.

Drug use is permitted, so long as it’s not incentivized, detailed or realistic.

“Nudity is permitted.” Not “virtually” unrestricted , but explicitly permitted.


Content that remains banned includes: Criminal activity, especially if it involves children. Actual sex and “offensive or abhorrent” sex. And finally detailed drug use. or material that is pro-drug use.


The new guidelines come into effect 2013, January 1.


New Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games