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Word from Insomniac (Fuse)

What happens when Alien technology lands in human hands? Insomniac games may have the answer. On their main webpage Insomniac reveals one of their new titles which is speculated to be released in the next few months.

The game’s premise is something you don’t see every day in the FPS genre. You and up to 3 friends play as a lethal elite contact team of the CIA. Your goal? To retrieve a volatile alien energy source known as Fuse, stolen by a rogue paramilitary corporation.


If that get you all riled up and wanting to see a trailer you may have to wait. Ted Price (CEO of Insomniac Games) mentioned that there was a webpage which he revealed at PAX that showed a countdown of when the game was to be released but “Unfortunately a last minute legal-rights issue” has prevented them from releasing the trailer and has caused a halt on the countdown. Ted left a kind word to all of the fans of Insomniac saying “Thanks for your understanding about the trailer. As soon as it’s ready we’ll make sure you know.”


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