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Personal bit on new Indie game, Faster Than Light



At first glance, this game has you wondering why you had spent 10 US greenbacks on a game that looks like it came right out of the late 80’s. But just as you can’t judge a book by the cover, you can’t always judge a game by its graphics. Being the arrogant gamer/man that I am, I jumped straight into the game. After about 10 minutes I was frustrated and about to give up and become sad at the fact that I just might have wasted my $10. After trying to complete a mission and getting my ship destroyed and my first crew killed I decided that the tutorial might be beneficial. The tutorial that the game provides is very informative. So informative in fact, that I wanted to jump straight back into the game and avenge my quickly demolished first crew. I did so, and soon after became immersed in this 8-bit game of space exploration for quite a few hours. This new breed of RTS has you feeling as though you are captain of the Starship Enterprise, and you are boldly going where no man has gone before, even though this game has nothing to do with the Star Trek series.

There are many ways throughout the game that you can customize your ship and your weapons. The weapons that you attain all have specific stats that insure that you can wreak havoc on those dastardly space pirates and save all of the stranded cargo ships. Rather than using the common story mode, you instead see how far you can take your ship before you are completely demolished or are stranded out in space forever. The game then takes that information and puts it on a leader board for all of your friends to view.

All in all Subset Games has proven that top tier graphics and a controller aren’t really necessary to have a good time. You as well can own this great indie game through Steam on PC or Mac. Now if only I could find a way to rename all of my crew…