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Free Content Update for Endless Space

I miss the days when this was the norm.

  • Addition of the new Automatons custom faction (thanks to the community hero ‘Panzer‘)
  • GUI changes such as a new Trade Route panel and Empire Management screen
  • Upgraded and updated diplomacy and alliance options
  • Improved hero management
  • Improved AI
  • Fixes, amendments and changes

Most of it appears to be patch type stuff (improvements and fixes), although the new faction has me intrigued. I don’t really understand how it works; it looks like excess industry can be stored and used later, but I don’t recall ever having excess industry. Eh, someone who’s better at the game than I am will probably know why they’re awesome gameplay wise. I’m going to play them because they’re the shiny new toy and robots are cool. But mostly because robots are cool. That’s why I played Sowers.

Speaking of robots being cool, you can also decouple faction playstyles and appearances now, so any faction can be a cool robot faction. And ship appearances are moddable now. So more robots, cooler robots and more different robots are now possibilities. Awesome.