Indie Royale Winter Bundle Live

The Indie Royale Winter Bundle is out! Included in it is:

Greed Corp

A hex based wargame set in a steam-punky universe. Mine hexes for resources and turn resources in units. Mining causes the ground to fall away, so you have to balance having stuff to make units with having land for units to exist on. It’s an interesting take on the genre, and I like the aestheic.


An adventure game that attempts to streamline the mechanics. I hear it ends up playing more like a hidden object game as a result, which is not so good.


A reflex based game. The harsh punishment for failure (start over at the beginning) causes some issues with flow. Frustrating, but pretty.

Conquest of Elysium 3

A strategy game in the same vein as Heroes of Might and Magic. Its strength is the amount of variety between heroes/factions. Different heroes need different resources and play very differently.

Leave Home

Some sort of procedurally generated shmup.

They Breathe

A horror game where you play as a frog. I’m very curious to see if that worked or not.

The minimum is currently hovering at a little over $5.25. If you spend $8 or more, you get the album BLUESCREEN by PROTODOME.