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DUST 514 Open Beta Live on Playstation


DUST 514 has launched in open beta mode exclusively on the PlayStation Network. The free-to-play massive multiplayer takes you to the EVE Universe, where you play as a mercenary and can choose from the Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, or Minmatar races. You can also choose your bloodline. Once you pick your background (which doesn’t affect gameplay), you can pick your speciality. Choose between Enforcer, Sentinal, Arbiter, or Artificer. Specialities affect your skills and starting inventory, but not gameplay. You then choose your gender, portrait, and name, and can create two more character profiles if you like.

The next step is choosing your weapons inventory. Here’s where Sony is hoping you’ll fork over some $. The DUST 514 Mercenary Pack costs $19.99 and includes 40,000 Aurum and 30-day Active Skill Booster. In-game items include the permanent “Dragonfly” Scout dropsuit and “Toxin” ICD-9 Submachine Gun.

Sony is also offering rewards (like perks for growing New Eden’s mercenary ranks), for those who recruit friends through Twitter, Facebook, or email. New recruits also get exclusive starter gear.