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Mega Man composer to pen songs for Shovel Knight

Manami Matsume

Manami Matsumae

In an exciting new update that already has fans of the classic sound of 8-bits raising the roof, Yacht Club Games announced Thursday that Manami Matsumae, composer for the original 1987 Mega Man game and its 2010 sequel Mega Man 10, is currently penning music for their upcoming retro classic Shovel Knight. Just a week after soaring past their Kickstarter goal of $75,000, the indie team announced that they’ve brought aboard the freelance composer who will be contributing two music tracks to the game, which is due out in September of this year.

According to a statement from Yacht Club Games on their Kickstarter blog, this will be the first American game Manami has worked on in her decades-long career.

“This is the first time I’m working on a Western game!” said the beloved composer. “It’s quite exciting! Shovel Knight and I are a good fit. So…let’s get shovelin’?”

The team at Yacht Club Games couldn’t be more excited.  “Matsumae’s music perfectly captured the tone for Mega Man and all of its sequels. She is a master of injecting personality into a stage or character through her music. We are humbled so greatly to have her contribute to the creative force of Shovel Knight!”

The opportunity was made possible by The Koopa Soundworks team, a music subsidiary owned and operated by indie label World 1-2 who collaborates with other video games artists to create new music.

Stay tuned to Gameverse for more coverage of Shovel Knight as development progresses.

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