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Raid Shadow Legends Twitter Account Claims They Do Not Sponsor Anyone *Updated*

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Now the repeated claim is being walked back as a “confusing and one sided reply.”  Apparently the very clear statement of “we do not sponsor” wasn’t the message they meant to send.  Thankfully it only took them just shy of a week to realize that they’ve made this error and correct it with the following tweet.

Just a simple human mistake… that happened twice… and took six days for anyone to notice. The odd thing is that the explanation doesn’t really coincide with what was said.  People asked for a sponsorship, but they mention the tweets “weren’t referring to the marketing campaign.”

What do they think a sponsorship is?  You’d think they’d have someone in a public facing role of Twitter account management able to distinguish sponsorship content from “cooperating” to make tutorials and reviews (whatever that entails).

Original Article:

Last week in response to a random tweet requesting sponsorship from the game developer, the official account responded with the following:


The claim that they only “cooperate” with existing players of their game that just happen to be YouTubers conflicts directly with numerous appropriately disclosed sponsored content. 

In the responses to this tweet, several content creators such as Gus Johnson show images of e-mails sent to them specifically asking for the creation of sponsored content.  Raid: Shadow Legends is even a notorious meme for the ubiquitous nature of their sponsorship deals across the YouTube platform.

I can’t conceive of a reasonable reason to deny this. The FTC in the United States has clear guidelines reporting payment for endorsementsThe twitter account even responded to a similar sponsorship request with here, directing the request to Discord

It’s hard to say what warranted this sudden and obviously untrue revelation. This game’s sponsorship effort is only one of the many executed by several large mobile game companies. The budgets stretch even as far as the Super Bowl. While they may be denying this very public tactic, I don’t believe they’ll be slowing down any time soon. The amount of money they can make in microtransactions and advertisements through the game is far too lucrative to give up.

Check out this Raid: Shadow Legends Parody Commercial:

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