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The Most Underrated PlayStation 4 Exclusives

Until Dawn

The PlayStation 4 will be remembered for many things, but its most lasting legacy may be its incredible collection of exclusive titles. At a time when it felt like true exclusives were harder to come by, the PlayStation 4 delivered hit after hit.

In fact, there were so many great PlayStation 4 exclusives that we’re willing to bet you missed out on many of the best. So before we retire our PlayStation 4s and look to the next generation, be sure to give these underrated PlayStation 4 exclusives the chance they deserve.

Blood and Truth

Blood and Truth

The future of VR is debatable. The VR format is still trying to find that line between accessibility and innovation. Whatever happens to VR, though, we believe that the PSVR will eventually be looked at fondly for as the practical VR option ever manufactured.

It doesn’t hurt that the PSVR boasted quality exclusives such as Blood and Truth. This VR crime saga doesn’t offer much in the plot department, but its blend of cinematic storytelling and arcade-like shooting sections makes it one of the best overall VR experiences on any headset.

We can’t recommend buying a PSVR just to experience Blood and Truth. If you own one, though, you should absolutely give this game a shot.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission


Here we have another PSVR game that’s biggest flaw is that it’s a VR game that you likely don’t own the necessary hardware for.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a charming VR platformer that creatively re-imagines the tropes of one of gaming’s oldest and most successful genres. In the same way that Super Mario 64 brought platforming to the 3D era, Astro Bot Rescue Mission‘s brilliant level design shows how VR may be the next great frontier for a genre that sometimes feels stagnant.

For the right gamer, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a true VR system seller.

Until Dawn

It feels strange to call Until Dawn “underrated.” After all, the game sold fairly well and was a cult hit amongst many who played it.

Yet, it’s easy to argue that Until Dawn deserved more. This digital choose-your-own-adventure sacrifices some traditional gameplay in order to deliver gaming’s finest slasher horror experience. Until Dawn is a glowing tribute to everything horror that is as genuinely scary as it is purely enjoyable.

Make sure not to retire your PlayStation 4 until you’ve played this one a few times through to explore its various narrative possibilities.

Killzone Shadow Fall


Killzone is one of those series that just never quite “got there.” Despite featuring several solid entries, Killzone typically found itself trailing behind other popular franchises.

Yet, at a time when good, single-player, first-person-shooter games are harder to come by, it’s easier than ever to appreciate Killzone Shadow Fall. This shooter boasts fun action mechanics, solid level design, and a surprisingly interesting story.

You could argue that Shadow Fall doesn’t truly excel in any one area, but it’s a testament to how hard it is for an exclusive to stand out on the PlayStation 4.



Resogun is typically remembered as one of the PS4’s most serviceable launch games. As the PS4’s library grew, though, it felt like fewer and fewer people were talking about this game at all.

That’s a shame. Resogun may just be an old-school 2D shooter with updated graphics, but it turns out that old-school 2D shooters are still a lot of fun. This kind of well-made, arcade-like experience was the exact kind of thing that we started to miss as the PS4’s library of games began to grow bigger and more ambitious.

If you want an old-school title that is pleasantly new, Resogun is for you.

WipEout Omega Collection

Wipeout Omega Collection

For a while there, it felt like Sony fans went into every E3 showcase just hoping for word of a new Wipeout game. By the time we actually got this Wipeout remake collection in 2017, though, it seemed like nobody was talking about it.

Yet, nearly everyone who has played this game is quick to describe it as one of the best fast-paced racing titles ever made. It’s a brilliant throwback to a style of game that faded away too quickly.

Omega Collection never takes its foot off the gas and delivers one of the best racing experiences of this generation because of it.

Infamous: Second Son

Infamous Second Son

Despite being one of the PS4’s biggest early exclusives, it just never felt like Infamous: Second Son never caught on. That probably has something to do with the up and down quality of its predecessors.

While Second Son also has flaws, it so happens to be one of the best superhero games of its generation. This open-world title not only offers an expansive playground for your superhero to roam in but a surprisingly gripping story and mythology as well.

If you’re not burned out on open-world games, be sure to give Second Son a shot.

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