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Five Great Games Coming in October

Five Great Games Coming in October

October Games

The month of spooks is upon us and even though it’s still 2020, plenty of good games are here to make it all a little more tolerable.


5) Space Crew – October 15

This game probably flew under most peoples’ radars, even mine, although I enjoyed its predecessor Bomber Crew. Much like the previous game, you’ll be managing a crew of bobble-headed simpletons, but this time instead of trying to perform a bombing mission in World War 2, you’ll be cruising through space doing… space things. There’s a demo available if you’d like to try it out before it’s release this month, but from my experience, it looks like it will be even more fun.


4) Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – October 2

While I was never much of a fan of this series, it would be ridiculous for me not to mention it as something for which there is plenty of excitement. The franchise goes back to the dawn of the Playstation and Crash was, for a long time, the mascot of the platform. I will say that the game looks great and appears to have all of that classic challenging platforming people love.


3) Ghostrunner – October 27

This first-person platformer/sword slasher reminds me a bit of Mirror’s Edge in its design. I had not heard of it until recently, but the cyberpunk aesthetic and fast-paced combat seems like it might stand out. Since it has a pretty reasonable price, that might make it shine even brighter. Thankfully though, it is bolstering the trend of a pre-release demo, so jump in and try it yourself!


2) Baldur’s Gate III – October 6

I believe that we’re close enough to the release date that Baldur’s Gate III might finally release. It’s still an early access release, but reviving this classic hardcore RPG franchise 20 years later takes some effort. I hope that it can live up to its reputation, and from what I’ve seen I think it could. However, in an age where dozens of games come out a week, epic elaborate RPGs may not be the most attractive option. The “Early Access” label won’t help that either.

 1) Star Wars: Squadrons – October 2

Joining Crash on October 2nd the first fighter-combat-focused Star Wars game in quite some time is going to finally hit the market. As a big space sim fan, I am ready to play this day one. From gameplay footage and discussion, it seems like it’s going to add quite a bit of depth to the typical arcade-style design of games in this universe. That, to me, sounds like it will be a blast.


While there are some other notable releases and re-releases, as well as the coming-out-of-Early-Access release (this needs a name) of Noita, these are the ones I think will be the best and most notable. Star Wars: Squadrons has been keeping a steady supply of updates and hype videos going since it was announced and I hope that it continues the recent trend of EA finally making Star Wars games with their exclusive rights and delivering good times with them. Yet, with Cyberpunk 2077 still looming in November, it seems like many games are just there to keep us occupied until that hype bomb explodes.


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