With our  earlier coverage of Merchant  it seems that a trend is and has been growing where more and more games are allowing players the opportunity to step into the shows of what have been background characters or even NPC’s in many games. Where Merchant lets you play as the typical fantasy item shop manager, Orcish Inn has players serving drinks, raising crops, and managing a busy (hopefully) tavern full of thirsty Orcs.

Orcish Inn seems to take cues from titles like Terraria and Minecraft with its’ pixelated artwork, emphasis on building, and resource management systems. If players aren’t already occupied building additions to their Inn, raising crops to make better foods or drinks, or serving a rowdy group of Orcs, then other mini-games like fishing can pass the time.

Already approved through the Steam Greenlight program, developer Steven Colling recently announced his timeline for Orcish Inn’s Pre-Alpha plans, which are set to commence in early January. The games followers are currently voting on various in game content that will be added with the newest battle being between Fluffy Sheep or Cashmere Goats as alternate options to growing cotton. Colling also announced a contest for fans to have their own unique content implemented into the final game as loot that could be potentially fished up. Details about the contest, voting, and Pre-Alpha plans can all be found on Orcish Inn’s IndieDB page along with videos and screenshots of the latest updates.

For those looking for an experience that doesn’t focus on combat and instead relies on exploration, creativity, construction, and farming, then pull up a stool and take a drink of Orcish Inn.