Derez Infinite is an endless runner with an aesthetic that’s inspired by the likes of Tron. The core gameplay is fairly standard for this type of game. The player only has to worry about jumping as the character automatically races across a series of conveniently flat rooftops. The unique feature is the resolution meter. Like the name implies, this constantly depleting value controls the game’s resolution. The graphics will start to become pixelated as the meter gets lower. The meter will also deplete if the player runs into one of the enemies that litter the environment. If the resolution reaches zero, the game will end instantly, so the game quickly becomes all about looking for and collecting the resolution items.

The visuals are a joy to experience. Everything has a filter over it that looks like a mix between Tron and a broken VCR that keeps things interesting without being a distraction. Colors are limited, but the entire palette will constantly shift as the game progresses. There are also several visual themes to choose from, including one that pays homage to the colorless cityscape of Canabalt. The backgrounds are impressive parallax artwork and collectables/enemies are easily identifiable.

It may not have much depth to its mechanics, but the additions it does make are worthwhile tweaks to the genre that keep the game feeling fresh. The visuals of the game are what really set it apart and it is easy to just zone out in awe of the artwork. Derez Infinite is currently available for in-browser play or for download.

Tyler Curran is someone who fondly remembers scribbling out notes about games back when he first learned to write. Who knew design documents scrawled in crayon would lead to him becoming a game design major?