This page serves as a style guide for publishing on The purpose of a style guide is to create consistency throughout a site. Please be aware this style guide is in ongoing development. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the admin.

As we start to build Gameverse, we will start to develop styles that should be adhered to so there is consistency throughout the site.

Titles of Games, Movies, & Publications
Game titles, movie titles, and publication names should always be italicized. If you are condensing the title of a game you can use single quotes (for example: shortening Call of Duty: Black Ops to ‘Black Ops’. As an alternative, you can also use quotes around game and movie titles. However, do this only in certain circumstances.

Fonts and Headlines
You can use the formatting tools above to bold, italicize, indent, bullet, or otherwise style the content in the post. If pasting from Word, you can try the Paste as Plain Text icon. This will remove any odd formatting from other word applications.

Paragraphs and Page Breaks
Keep paragraph lengths fairly short. Creating breaks throughout the text makes the article easier to read. If you have a lengthy article you might consider doing a page break. The easiest way to do this is manually, by creating a second post with additional content. You’ll also need to add a “Page 2” link at the bottom of the post. In most cases, you won’t need to spread your article across any more than 2 pages.

Use of Images
Please always use at least one image in your article. Generally, articles with images will get more traffic than without. When inserting an image via the “Add Media” button, you can align left or right (which will “float” the image to the side of the text), or use align “none” to let the image be on it’s own line. Please do not upload images larger than 1200px (or 150KB). Use Photoshop jpg compression “High” for best results.

Featured Images
The current slideshow in the homepage needs to use images exactly 300px high. Width does not matter. The slideshow size may change in the future as we try to optimize the homepage real estate. In addition to the Featured Image, you also need to insert images into your post via the Media icon. Featured Images are for the homepage and previews only.

To insert videos from YouTube or Vimeo, simply use the long URL in the address bar of your browser. For best results, click on the Text (or HTML) tab before you paste in the URL. This will remove all formatting which can corrupt the link. You also need to copy the video embed code into the “Featured Video” field. This field is also used for the homepage slideshow and previews.

Please use tags whenever possible. Be sure the tag you are using does not already exist. For example, why create another tag for “Steam Games” if “Steam” already exists. Tags are important for users to find similar content and for Google indexing.

Star Rating System
There is a Star Rating System at the bottom of the articles. This should be used for any reviews that are done. So, if you give a game 3 out of 5 stars, just click on the third star to highlight.