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Gameverse | March 27, 2023

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New ‘Borderlands 2 ‘ trailer delves deep

August 31, 2012 |

The latest trailer for the upcoming Borderlands 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) is so in-depth and so well produced, you might be surprised to learn it’s nearly seven minutes long. The short film covers the new playable characters, classes, weapons, … Read More

New details on ‘Whore of the Orient,’ for next-gen consoles and PC

August 30, 2012 |

With a delightfully mature title and respected developers Team Bondi (LA Noire) behind it, Whore of the Orient may be one of the first games worth buying a next generation console for. New details have emerged about the game, like its … Read More

Zombie-killing aplenty in new trailer for ‘State of Decay’

August 21, 2012 |

Every day it’s getting tougher to generate enthusiasm for anything zombie related, but Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios are hoping to ride the undead trend train a little longer with State of Decay, an upcoming open-world survival horror game for … Read More

Revamped ‘Jet Set Radio’ debuts next month for $10

August 10, 2012 |

A cult hit for the Dreamcast some 12 years ago, Sega says Jet Set Radio is now poised to skate back into our lives in HD for $10, beginning September 11 on the PlayStation Network. A week later, the graffiti-spraying, inline-skating, cell-shading … Read More

Pre-order Black Ops II and get free Nuketown Map and Wallpaper

July 30, 2012 |

You may have heard already but retailers are offering a free Nuketown 2025 Bonus Map when you pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Activision says a link to download the revised multi-player map will be available in the product … Read More

Wolfenstein 3D is Free to Play

May 10, 2012 |

Not that I’m trying to condone an activity that could sorely disrupt your school or work, but I felt that it was my duty to let everyone know that you can now play Wolfenstein 3D in your browser at the … Read More

Skyrim DLC Finally!

May 1, 2012 |

But there is no information to report except for this one picture, the name Dawnguard (which we already knew anyways!) and finally that it is coming this summer and more info will be at E3. I’m definitely interested, but honestly … Read More

Skyrim DLC Announcement of an Announcement?

April 26, 2012 |

Serious, stop messing with us Bethesda! You think you are being fun and coy, but saying things like “working on getting a little more info out on Skyrim / DLC.” As for a timetable, Hines said gamers can expect news … Read More

Diablo III Open Beta – Day 2

April 21, 2012 |

The open beta for Diablo III has not been without issues since it went live, but when you can get into the beta, it is a lot of fun! Are you playing the beta right now? The crew from the … Read More