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Blizzard Teases Us With a Disappointing Diablo 4 Diorama Trailer


Diablo 4 may be on some unknown horizon, but Blizzard wants to make sure you’re aware that it’s still out there.  They have released (via IGN) an official trailer teaser featuring “Cannibals” with the caption “Check out the gruesome monster family coming to Diablo 4, the Cannibals.”  In it, the camera slowly pans around numerous frozen characters presumably showing up as enemies in the future release.

The fact that this is labeled a “teaser trailer” implies that a more robust trailer is coming down the line, but I have to say that I question the purpose of such a trailer in the first place.  All it does is pan back and forth across those frozen models for 90 seconds.  That hardly seems like a teaser since it hasn’t made me or anyone I know more excited about these depicted people.

Blizzard hasn’t made much in the way of news since the terrible launch of Warcraft III: Reforged.  Outside of the news that they would offer unconditional refunds for the much-criticized re-release, the company seems to be trying to stay out of the mainstream gaming media until they can offer something to improve their standing.  However, after so many negative announcements and recent releases, many have lost hope that Blizzard can redeem itself.

I still have some hope that the company can get Diablo 4 to a state that both launches better than Diablo 3 and is as enjoyable and robust is it needs to be to stand out.  There was a time when ARPGs were sparse, but developers are now embracing the fun of hacking and slashing enemies in ways that advance well beyond what Diablo popularized.  If Blizzard wants to “wow” anyone with this next release, they’re going to have to do more than spin a camera around a diorama.

Are you excited for Diablo 4?  Do you think Blizzard can bounce back before the game attempts to launch?

Robert Endyo

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