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ReddX app for Xbox One brings Reddit content to Console

xbox-one-reddx-app-cropReddit users with Xbox One consoles will want to check out the newly launched free app called ReddX. The app lets Xbox Live users interact with others similar to the experience, and unlock media achievements named after popular Internet memes. The app is available to Xbox Live members in the US and Canada, who can customize their home page, view text, images, animated GIFS, and video, and view all subreddits from the platform. Of course, the ReddX app allows what is quintessentially the core appeal of Reddit — which is to let users vote content UP or DOWN. Users can also add comments using the Xbox One controller, media remote or Xbox SmartGlass on PCs, tablets and phones, enlarge images for closing viewing, and save images to their profile or ReddX app background image. This week the MTV app and an updated Twitch app are also releasing for the Xbox One.

Jeff Chabot

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