The Walking Dead – Episode 4 Trailer Released

The trailer for The Walking Dead – Episode 4: Around Every Corner has been released.


Episode 4: Around Every Corner
In the wake of terrible loss, the group arrives in Savannah in search of a boat and escape from the horrors around them. Stalked by an unseen human threat and the constant menace of the undead, Lee must decide how to deal with an increasingly paranoid group and above all, how to protect Clementine.

Episode Highlights:
-See the devastation the apocalypse has wrought on a major city as the group arrives in Savannah
-Discover what happens when merciless survivors try to create their own utopia
-Embark on a harrowing mission to retrieve the things you need in order to make your escape to safety
-Deal with the biggest threat to Clementine yet — can you keep her safe?

Looks pretty cool. The fact that your choices don’t really have any effect became pretty obvious in the last installment (I hate to use the term “railroading”, but you were literally put on a railroad), but the writing was good enough it didn’t really matter that much. I may be hating a little more than I should because it took me an hour to solve a puzzle that was, in hindsight, blatantly obvious.