Spotify Your Game Music

Spotify has become an incredibly vast and open resource for listening to and sharing music within your social network. The expansive libraries cover numerous eras of sound, but there are few things I’d rather see on the service more so than video game soundtracks. From Advent Rising to Zen Puzzle Garden, the number of playlists that have gaming tracks is growing by the day. A quick search on Google for “Spotify Video Game Soundtracks” will lead you to this link by David, a moderator for Spotify’s community: At this link, you will find a public playlist containing dozens upon dozens of hours of songs either straight out of or inspired by a wide array of titles. My current playlist has 3343 tracks of gorgeous 8-bit and orchestral sounds, much of it coming through that link but aided by the occasional search as well.

If you have an appreciation for the audible side of gaming, you would be doing yourself a disservice in not adding this great collection to your library. With indie games and older titles jumping on board this service for streaming, now is a great time to catch up with your favorite hits and discover the wonderful world of video game music.