Full Mechromancer Skill Tree Revealed

The skill tree of upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC character Gaige the Mechromancer has been revealed. It looks interesting. It’s also full of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic references. Awesome.


The Best Friends Forever tree is for newer players and is mostly about increasing player survivability. There’s some cool stuff in there for Deathtrap as well. Upshot Robot keeps him in play as long as you keep killing dudes and increases both of your melee damage when you kill dudes. The capstone skill, Sharing Is Caring, “grants a copy of your shield to Deathtrap”. That should work nicely with spike shields (shields that damage melee attackers) and nova shields (shields that blow up and kill dudes when depleted).

Little Big Trouble is mostly about elemental damage, mostly shock. Which is nice, because shock damage doesn’t have any general penalties. The Stare gives Deathtrap a fiery laser, and is therefore awesome, because lasers are cool. Like giant floating killbots. You can also give Deathtrap an Unreal Tournament style shock orb that explodes when you kill it. Interspersed Outburst lets you slag guys if you stop shooting for a bit. Since carrying around slag weapons is a pain, it’s probably my favorite skill in the tree. The capstone ability, Make It Sparkle, lets you shoot Deathtrap with an elemental weapon to make him deal that type of elemental damage.

The final tree, Ordered Chaos, is all about the Anarchy skill. You cannot advance past the first tier without grabbing Anarchy. Anarchy works by creating an Anarchy stack whenever you kill a guy or reload while in combat. Each stack increases weapon damage by 1.75% and decreases accuracy by 1.75%. Stacks last almost forever (some skill deplete them, as does dying) and are capped at 150 stacks by default. This can be increased to 400 with skills. I must admit, the biggest question for me is how a gun shoots when you have a -700% penalty to accuracy. The capstone skill, With Claws, is pretty underwhelming. Your melee attack attacks twice, damage is increased by .8% per stack, regenerates health and uses one Anarchy stack. It’s probably better than I give it credit for, given the accuracy penalty Anarchy imposes, but it just feels kind of blah.

The Mechromancer DLC comes out October 16th and is free to those who pre-ordered Borderlands 2.