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The Old Republic now free to play

That’s right the time has finally come. Today is the day that BioWare’s MMO will now be free to play. This change occurs across all territories and countries that the game is currently available. If you love Star Wars and hate those pesky subscription fees, this is right up your alley.

So what does that mean if you already have a subscription? Well you now have the option of continuing with your subscription and have unrestricted access to the game or you can go the FTP route and have some restrictions apply such as only being able to play three warzone PVP matches per week or only having 3 classes available at character creation (Humans, Zabrak and Cyborg). While the FTP option does allow players to level up from 1-50, they will do so at a slower pace. As an additional bonus, if you once had a subscription but canceled, when you start up the FTP version you’ll be granted preferred status with many of the restrictions either removed or greatly diminished.

BioWare is also giving away Cartel Coins to those subscribers based on how many months they’ve currently paid for. Cartel Coins are a newly created in-game currency that you can spend on the (wait for it) Cartel Market which can be redeemed for in-game items. If you want to see how many Cartel Coins you can earn right now just click here to find out. For more details on the upcoming changes and new items at the Cartel Market visit the Star Wars: The Old Republic’s official site.