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Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC coming December 4th

Nearly five months after the release of Dawnguard, and two months after Hearthfire, Bethesda has announced its next official add-on to the world of Skyrim, Dragonborn. Surprisingly, less than a month after its official announcement, players will be able to get Dragonborn on December 4th, and can expect a lot of new features, and areas to explore. What’s more interesting? You will be leaving Skyrim!

Originally introduced in Morrowind’s Bloodmoon add-on, the island of Solstheim is returning for a second adventure with new and updated content. New armor and weapons can be found or made, in addition to new enemies to fight, including the supposed primary antagonist, the first Dragonborn.

The add-on includes lush new areas of Solstheim to explore as well as being able to venture into the Daedric realm, but what is most noticeable from Bethesda’s announcement is the ability to ride dragons; however, it is not confirmed if this will be confined to Solstheim or all of Skyrim. It is also rumored that a new dragon shout will allow the hero to tame dragons as followers. Dragonborn will be available on the Xbox 360 December 4th, while PC users will have to wait until January.