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Final Days for Among the Sleep Kickstarter

among the sleep

Remember when you were two years old?  Everything looked larger than life and the world was full of wonder and amazement?  Then, when the sun went down, the world became a spooky place where every bump and shadow was out to get you?  No?  Well, Krillbite Studio wants to remind you with its upcoming title Among the Sleep.

Of course, it’s up to you, the audience, to help them bring their surreal nightmare vision to life.

With only 3 days remaining on their Kickstarter campaign, and about $4K left to meet their minimum goal, this small Norwegian indie company could use everyone’s help to finish out the home stretch.

But what is Among the Sleep, and why should you spend your time and hard earned dollars to support it, you ask?  Well, savvy consumer, allow us to enlighten you.

 among the sleep screen 2

Even the simplest settings can get awfully creepy when the lights go out – and you’re 36 inches tall.

                Among the Sleep is a first-person horror adventure that focuses on exploration and atmosphere.  The catch?  The game puts you in the role of a two-year-old child.  But the developers are quick to point out that “this is not just an FPS with the camera closer to the ground.”  The player will be immersed in the role of a child, using their small size to their advantage when seeking out places to hide from the things that go bump in the night.  Everything viewed from a child’s perspective is slightly surreal, and Krillbite seeks to capture exactly that in their environmental design.

 among the sleep screen

Players will need to use the environment as well as the character’s small stature to find hiding spots when things get spooky – like this closet!

                Like any indie developer worth their salt, Krillbite’s goal is to avoid publishers and remain independent.  Take the time to watch their Kickstarter video and you’ll see a studio full of people just as charming as the project itself.  Their passion for innovation and dedication to their art is truly the embodiment of the indie spirit from which gaming greatness is born.

Support this project.  Tell your friends.  Help keep indie gaming indie.

 among the sleep 2

…or this guy will haunt your dreams.  You have been warned.

For more from Krillbite Studio, check out their experimental side-project, The Plan, for free.