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Hotline Miami 2 Gets a Trailer

Until the other night I was under the impression that Hotline Miami, my favorite game of last year, would  remain a singular title and wasn’t up for a sequel.

It appears that I was mistaken. Hotline Miami 2: WRONG NUMBER hasn’t gotten a release date as of yet but in a video interview with Max Scoville (of Rev3 Games) one of the developers revealed that they’re hoping for a late 2013 release.

It appears that they don’t plan on changing anything from the original but they hope to add some things and the fast-paced game play of the first game is entirely intact for WRONG NUMBER. Simply adding more weapons and some game play aspects should be the right direction and very first impression of the game seems incredibly positive.

Multiple characters have been revealed, most of which are playable, and there are some pretty wonky story reveals already in the public eye.

It seems like the Pug Butcher from the above trailer (for the first game) is a star in the second, alongside a group the developers are calling “the fans.” The Butcher plays the villain in a film (about the first game) in the vein of a teen slasher flick while the fans attempt to recreate the blood-wrenching events of the first game. In other words it appears that we’ll get a whole new story and also a faithful recreation of the first game. Watch the Rev3 interview again for clarification, if necessary.

This game is shaping up to be one of the better sequels we’ve seen in a long time, in concept and also execution. I fully expect this game to loom over all of us who loved the original until it’s finally in our hands, and our hard drives.

Keep it locked here for more reveals as more of the game is shown over the coming months.