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Nova-111: A New Game by Funktronic Labs

While at GDC this year we were fortunate enough to meet the independent studio Funktronic Labs; the Kyoto-based studio behind Lotus (a Leap Motion interactive experiment) and the musical puzzle “experiment” Kyoto. Their latest project is Nova-111, a sci-fi adventure game that combines turn-based and real-time action to create one of the most unique games of 2014.

In Nova-111 the player takes control of an orange science vessel and must traverse mysterious foreign planets in search of scientists who were lost in the “cosmic real-time vortex”. Backed by some of the most unique gameplay mechanics, Nova-111 challenges players to solve puzzles and engage in strategic battles with aliens in the name of science as the environment gradually transforms from turn-based to real-time.

Keep checking back in with us at Indie Game Source as more announcements and news is released for Nova-111 since the game is currently a work in progress due for a TBA 2014 release. In the meantime though, head on over to Nova-111’s website for announcement videos featuring exciting gameplay.