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TagPro – Capture the Flag has never been so much fun

major-league-tagpro-video-still1 Away from your personal computer and itching to play a game? Look no further than Tagpro. This fiercely addictive capture the flag game will keep you occupied for hours, and with browser-based multiplayer, it’s pretty much available wherever you are. You control a ball, and maneuver around an arena using the four arrow keys (or WASD). Try and grab the enemy’s flag, then bring it home to score a point. 3 points and your team wins.

Sound pretty simple? If only. Powerups, spikes, bombs, speed boosts and an opposing team vie to pop the precious flag carrier, much of the game is spent maneuvering to outsmart, or ‘Juke’ enemy players. The clock ticks down from 12 minutes, but most games last around 5-6. The best players dance around the map waiting for the opposing flag carrier to get popped while they boost, juke, and even use bombs to stay two squares ahead of danger.

Once you’ve grasped the basics, head over to Reddit’s vibrant Tagpro community to learn more advanced strategy and tactics, and weigh in on new maps – they keep it fresh by shuffling things around every month or so. Reddit also houses the Tagpro leagues – believe it or not there are entire e-sports leagues based around this simple multiplayer game.

The mechanics and the challenge may suck you in, but the fantastic community will keep you coming back to this online gem fraught with fierce competition, a touch of humor, and more ball puns than you can shake a spike at. Just kidding. Don’t touch the spikes.

Want to learn how to play? This 60 second video will tell you everything you need to know.

Then give your jukes some rhythm by checking out my Spotify Playlist with some songs guaranteed to give you a winning tempo.

August Freirich

August Freirich is a contributing author to Gameverse. You can also find him on Google+