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‘Sev Zero: Air Support’ multi-screen play combines tablet play with Fire TV

Sev-Zero-Air-Support-ScreenShot1The newly released app for the Android game Sev Zero: Air Support for Amazon Fire TV play allows a second player to join the game with a tablet running Android 2.3 or higher. The multi-screen game from Amazon Game Studios costs $6.99, but is free with the purchase of the Amazon Fire game controller. The Android app, available at Google Play, is free to download. It should be noted, however, that the game is not playable alone as an app on a tablet — it needs to have a Fire TV running the game at the same time to work.

In the tower defense-style Sev Zero: Air Support, two players battle the Ne’ahtu invasion by firing missiles, freezing the aliens in their tracks, and deploying explosive traps. Players can coordinate defenses to protect the Core from all sides. The game also features a new Sev Zero “Tough” mode.

Here are a few more notes about the app Sev Zero: Air Support:

• This is not a standalone game. You play it on your tablet in the same room as a friend, who is playing Sev Zero on Amazon Fire TV.
• Plan and execute coordinated strategies with your friend, then help blast enemies with six different weapons and powerups.
• Collect energy to upgrade your favorite powerups to make them even more potent.
• Supercharge the main player for insane firepower!
• Exclusive “Tough” mode tests the limits of your teamwork and skill.

Jeff Chabot

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