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Dead Trigger

Got an itchy trigger finger? Or just need a good entertaining game to occupy your time while you are out and about? Dead Trigger by Madfinger on the Android market and iOS may be the cure.

Whether on your phone or played on a tablet this game has graphics rarely seen on an android game and is also powered by Unity. Dead Trigger is an FPS that has endless levels of zombies to slaughter. It also includes multiple weapons that you can unlock as you advance through the game. The controls are simple but the smaller your screen the more you will find yourself staring at your thumbs rather than your enemy, but if you play on a tablet or a phone with a larger screen you will definitely enjoy this incredibly powerful game. In the game you can choose to follow the story mode or if you want to just slaughter zombies there are tons of side missions as well. And the best part? Its free! So hop on over to your play store and get to saving lives and surviving the apocalypse. (Just remember to be on WiFi, it’s a bit of a download!)