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Diluvion, Poi, Gunman Taco Truck, & more indie games

DiluvionPictured above: Causality

I’m back with another batch of recent indie releases that may have slipped past your radar. As always I don’t guarantee that these games are good, just that they stood out amongst Steam’s usual weekly releases. Be sure to read user reviews for more information about each title.


Arachnid Games



Let’s kick things off with Diluvion, an FTL-like submarine combat game set in a Jules Verne-esque deep sea world. Centuries ago, the Great Flood engulf the planet. Whole kingdoms and cultures have developed beneath the sea, and as a fresh-faced submarine captain with a crew of greenhorns, you are given the opportunity to explore the unknown depths for fame and fortune. Manage your crew and limited resources as you venture ever further from civilization. All the management takes place in a 2D representation of your vessel, while navigation and combat comes in the form of a 3D shooter. You can also find Diluvion on GOG.

A House of Many Doors

Pixel Trickery



A House of Many Doors is another recent title all about exploring a bizarre new universe. Recruit your crew, board your scuttling mechanical centipede train, and explore The House, a parasite dimension that steals resources from other worlds. The game is heavily inspired by Sunless Sea and the Fallen London series, and even received some support from Failbetter Games. Much like the games that influenced it, A House of Many Doors features a branching story told through lengthy and atmospheric text-based encounters, with a bit of turn-based combat thrown in for good measure.

Warlock’s Tower




Warlock’s Tower is a punishingly difficult real-time puzzle game with a graphical aesthetic pulled right from the original Gameboy. Dodge enemies and solve puzzles in all 100+ rooms to escape the tower. The trick is that each step costs you a life, forcing you to carefully plot out each move before committing. You can also find Warlock’s Tower on mobile, Vita, and 3DS.





The incomprehensibly titled Rosenkreuzstilette is the latest Japanese indie action platformer to be localized by Playism. This German word salad is essentially an NES Megaman game with 100% more chibi anime waifus. You can tackle the game’s levels in any order you choose, with the boss of each level granting you a new power that can make future encounters easier to beat.





Poi is a new 3D platformer that recently released from Early Access and is inspired by classics from the N64 and PS1 era. Play as one of two kids and explore uncharted lands in search of all 100 Explorer Medallions to gain the title of Master Explorer.

Alwa’s Awakening

Elden Pixels



Alwa’s Awakening is an 8-bit Metroidvania that hopes to recreate the look and feel of popular NES games. The game features over 400 unique rooms full of enemies, puzzles, and secrets to discover. The puzzles usually revolve around your upgradable magic staff and its ability to conjure blocks and other objects to overcome the game’s trap-laden dungeons.

Double Dragon IV

Arc System Works



Another retro-inspired new release is Double Dragon IV, brought to you by the developers of the popular Guilty Gear franchise. This latest game brings the series back to its ’80s arcade roots, both in terms of mechanics and visuals. Unfortunately, the game has a mixed reception thus far, with frequent complaints being the lack of online multiplayer and mechanics that are perhaps a tad too old school for some players.

Gunman Taco Truck

Romero Games



Finally we come to Gunman Taco Truck, a post-apocalyptic adventure where mutants roam the world and tacos are scarce. Travel between towns in your taco truck, killing mutants along the way to harvest their parts as ingredients for your delicious tacos. Use your taco profits to upgrade your truck’s weaponry and restock on supplies so you can make it to North America’s final safe haven.

Not enough games for you? Check out some of these other titles as well:

  • Causality, a mind-melting puzzle game about creating time paradoxes.
  • The Videokid, a modern interpretation of the classic Paperboy formula.
  • Linelight, a minimalistic yet elegant puzzle game about lines.
  • The Frostrune, a point ‘n click adventure game inspired by Norse mythology and folklore.

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back soon with more overlooked indie releases.